In 2008, film maker Chris Jones set out to make a short film that would force industry professionals to sit up and notice his work, as well as reaching out to audiences around the world.

This masterclass will take you on that journey in such a way, that you will learn all the lessons that the team learned while making ‘Gone Fishing’ and accelerate your ambitions. Everything about this film is extraordinary, from the way it was funded, to the responses from both industry and audiences alike.

'Gone Fishing' has won over 30 international awards and was shortlisted for the Oscars in 2009 (the short list are the ten films from which the five nominations are drawn).  Most recently it won the Producers Guild Of America Awards 2009.



Transform your film making abilities, aspirations and career in ONE groundbreaking and inspirational masterclass with EXPERT film makers...

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Learn from over fourteen hours of intense, detailed and entertaining tutorials, broken into over twenty structured and detailed sessions. Filmed at the prestigious BAFTA theatre at the world premiere of ‘Gone Fishing’ in 2008, and supported by PDF handouts, short reading assignments and practical exercises.

This film makers advanced course is run by Chris Jones, feature film veteran and author of the best selling Guerilla Film Makers Handbooks (with over 100,000 copies sold worldwide). The course will take you on the creative journey, from first idea, all the way through to premiere, awards and who knows, maybe the Oscars!

Membership to the online masterclass costs £69.99 and you will receive a lifetime pass so that you can go back and retake the masterclass later, or refresh on details.

NOW UPDATED with new sessions covering festivals, sales, distribution, competitions, the Oscars and beyond...

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'Having bite size videos and the ability to watch later and refer back to it was a very practical way of learning, very well presented and contents with PDFs and sample clips really completed the learning experience'

Daren, DarenDino Productions, Independent Film Makers (Feb 2011)

Average Masterclass Review: (68 reviews)


 Who do you get to meet? Watch the 60 second 'Gone Fishing' trailer below...

Who takes the Masterclass?

Chris Jones,
Writer / Director

Masterclass helmer, Chris has three features under his belt, has written six best selling film making books and taught over 1,000 film makers. His energy and enthusiasm for movies is infectious and infects everyone who attends his seminars.

Catherine Arton,
Casting Director

Catherine is an experienced American Casting Director living in the UK. Her last collaboration with Chris (before Gone Fishing) was on his last feature film, Urban Ghost Story. Her experience in dealing with actors and agents makes her contribution invaluable and offers a guide to getting the best cast for your film.

Vernon Layton,
Director of Photography
Legendary British cameraman, Vernon Layton brought his 40 years of experience to Gone Fishing, and in this masterclass he shares with the audience the tricks he used to create the big feature look that ‘wows’ audiences when they see it in a theatrical environment... It really does look a million bucks!


Eddie Hamilton,
Eddie has cut over 20 feature films and countless hours of TV. He has edited projects as small as shorts and micro budget features, all the way up to Hollywood blockbuster scale, and his technical expertise is unparalleled in his field. With full access to the ‘edit’ and evolution of that ‘edit’, students get a direct look at various cuts and see Eddie’s techniques in action.

Linda Haysman,
Costume Designer
Actors wear their costume like a character's skin, and designer Linda Haysman brought her many years of experience in costume designing, and shared it with us on the masterclass. Linda has designed for directors such as Danny Boyle and actors such as John Hurt and Jeremy Irons.

Simon Cox,
2nd Unit Director
Getting enough shots and coverage in a project can make a huge impact. Director Simon Cox chose to helm second unit on 'Gone Fishing' and created some breathtaking shots – it's worth taking this course just for the second unit productivity versus cost analysis! Simon is a feature film director in his own right and brings great insight into how an extra director can help keep things on track.

John Claude,
Picture Grader
Senior Colourist John Claude, from leading London post production facility Midnight Transfer, is on hand to talk through the colour grading of Gone Fishing, alongside DP Vernon Layton. John has worked on countless big budget feature films and the work he performs daily is truly world class. 


Bernard O’Reilly,
Sound Designer

Senior Sound Designer Bernard O’Rielly has worked on feature films as diverse as ‘Mr Bean’ and ‘Alien V Predator’. He brings his acoustic wizardry to the masterclass, explaining how we got that ‘BIG FEATURE’ sound, how much story can be impacted by thoughtful use of sound, and how all the final elements come together.


Alex Fazeli,
Film Maker

Alex is a film maker whose 35mm short film 'In The Dark' is now in the running for the Oscars in 2010, and he shares his insights and experiences on the film festival circuit, often playing alongside 'Gone Fishing' as one of the bonus features.


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 Masterclass Objectives...

The Masterclass is divided into over 30 videos, mostly around half an hour long (though some are longer, some are shorter, plus over 20 bonus videos). Our objectives are...

We will take YOU on the creative journey so you FEEL like you made the movie too. You will own all these lessons and experience the highs and lows. You will FEEL like one of the film makers.

Learn the powerful skills of crafting a story that grabs an audience and keeps them there. Crucially, learn how to transform those story ideas into a career changing movie.

Learn to create a powerful and unique framework for YOUR CAREER, so that you can accelerate towards success more efficiently. No-one else has ever taught this simple four step career plan. 'Failing to plan is planning to Fail'.

Experience FIRST HAND the organic growth of stories, from idea, to script, to redraft, to set, to post, to sound edit, to music… By doing this masterclass you will go through the same steps of development as any producer would.

Meet the professionals who made the film – key interviews with DP, Editor, Casting, Costume Designer, Sound Designer etc.

To help form an effective strategy for your next film, your next career step and to help you make that BREAKOUT MOVIE.

The masterclass is supported by extensive PDF handouts which you can print and read, or read onscreen. These include screenplay drafts, schedules, budgets, contracts, storyboards etc.


We believe in keeping it simple… So here are three key words that you will experience on this masterclass…


That’s how your film making career will be impacted…

It’s how the stories you choose to tell in your films will be enhanced…

…and how you as an individual creative storyteller AND an entrepreneur will be transformed.

Don’t believe us? Take a look to the left at the caliber of experts who are part of this course, and to the right, read feedback from people just like you.


The Film School Graduate
'This masterclass provides a massive amount of information that even a year of film school didn't supply. I wish I had watched it BEFORE I went as it would have saved me so much time and money when planning and producing my shorts. It is a 'mini film school experience', and if a new filmmaker watches closely and follows it, then with a little practice, common sense and confidence they could easily save themselves a lot of money by sidetracking filmschool altogether and channeling those resources into a decent well produced short that could win awards.'

Marc Doris, Film maker, London

The Emerging
Film Maker

'Over the last six months I have been writing and making my own short films. I've been reading lots of movie making books, listening to podcasts, researching the internet and watching 'making of' featurettes on tons of DVDs and NOTHING comes close to what I'm learning from your online masterclass. Thank you for producing it, they're inspirational as well as educational!'
Danny Lacey, Emerging Film Maker, UK

The Professional
I have been a TV cameraman and editor for most of my professional life and am responsible for hundreds of hours of television here in Australia. As a professional, I was unsure how much I would get from this masterclass, but I found myself nodding in agreement and taking notes all the way through. Chris’ insight into story telling and how you write, shoot and edit a world class short film I found to be both inspirational and educational in ways far beyond both my expectation and my investment, which includes my time and money. I now know what steps to take to follow in his teams footsteps, hopefully, all the way to the Oscars. Thanks Chris!

Simon VanDerSpoel, Pro Cameraman, Australia


The Long Distance Film Maker
Not everyone can make it to film school because of where they live… this course is an excellent way to learn in your own home, wherever you are, and to learn at your own pace too. I have been on other seminars where I have missed important information as I am still thinking about an earlier point. With this masterclass, I was able to replay points so did not miss anything'
Jiaqing Huang, Film Maker, China

The Writer
I was intrigued to see what this masterclass could offer me as a writer, as most books and courses treat writing as the first step of the process, and that's it! This masterclass took me on all the other steps too, and I can now clearly see how I can contribute and stay involved at each of those stages – I was particularly excited to learn just how much the script can be improved in film editing, even sound editing. Thoroughly recommended for anyone who is serious about a career as a writer or film maker.
Sara Morrison, Writer, London


The Actor
As an actor, I've always been curious about the process behind the camera. I have read countless books on film making, and always felt like I was missing the true steps of putting a film together. Watching Chris' masterclass has given me the confidence to make my first short film, and the step by step tools to do it right. I found the masterclass to be packed with useful information, in a very engaging and entertaining format. If you're considering making a film, or considering film school, STOP WHERE YOU ARE and watch Chris' program first!
Ariele Senara, Actress, San Francisco









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